What Are The Dimensions of A Cereal Box?

 2023-02-28 07:49:51


Although, packaging solutions are essential for presentation and packaging. But selecting a perfect size is actually a tricky job. A manufacturer or supplier can never know, what are the actual cereal box dimensions and size of any packaging solution. However, the packaging experts are here for this. We are here to serve you with our experience and talent. Although, there are different brands that are offering multiple kinds of Mueslis and Cereals. But we are here to guide you that how can you design a flawless and most appropriate cereal box.

Step 1: We Offered Quality Material for Boxes

There are multiple kinds of stocks that can be utilized for a quality packaging box. However, it depends on the customer’s choice.  Furthermore, it is also based on the budget plan too. For example, a thicker stock can cost more as compared to the thinner one. Customers can choose the best one as per their plan. Mostly these boxes are available from 16pt to 28pt.  However, we suggest choosing a thick stock that can keep your edibles safe from moisture. Moreover, with the help of laminated packaging, your crunchy cereal can keep safe from getting soggy for a long. 

Step 2:  Selection of a Perfect Size and Dimensions

Before designing any box, three dimensions are required. 
  1. Height
  2. Width
  3. length
In the case of customization, these three measurements are provided by the customer. But there are specific dimensions of a box of cereal. 
Once the thickness and stock are finalized. The next step is the selection of the box style. Here are a few questions that are mandatory to answer.
Q1: What is the height of the Box?
Q2: What is the weight?
Q3: How tall is a cereal box? 
Q4: width of a box?
However, you will be able to answer all of these questions by the end of this blog.
There are many people who just start their businesses, we can guide them and assist them in selecting the perfect size of a cereal box.

Step 3: Image or Artwork on the Box

A printed solution is 10 times more presentable as compared to plain packaging. However, it can help in developing a better understanding between customers and the product.
You can add relevant pictures to the packaging boxes. As there are various types of flavors in cereals. That’s why a picture on the box can depict the flavor in a better way.
Furthermore, to make this a budget-friendly way. You can design different labels and stickers with the name of the flavor.
So you don’t need to design separate artwork for each type. A general kind of box is designed and you just place the sticker on it for identification.

Step 4: We Advise You to Make a Branded Package

The addition of your brand logo along with its name can lead to advertisement and promotion of your brand. However, we as packaging professionals, always suggest our clients add logos.
Furthermore, there are a lot of methods to make logos prominent and visible on the packaging. Besides this, some brief information regarding the product must be part of the packaging.
  • Ingredients of product.
  • Best before dates.
  • QR and bar codes.
  • Method to prepare etc.
After these four-step hope, you are able to design a perfect structure for your product packaging.

Some FAQs About Cereal Packaging.

There are some questions that are frequently asked. Let’s discuss some of them

How the product is protected from the inside?
We offered a double packaging schema, you first fill your product in sealed foil bags and then place them inside these cardboard boxes.

What would be the weight of the box?
Mostly cereal is packed in cardboard of Kraft stock. Although, these empty boxes also have some weight too. But collectively the weight of a cereal box is around 500g.
However, it also depends on the content which you placed inside the box.

Which size is more appropriate for Cereals?
If we talk about an average cereal box size, then they are 8 inches wide. Whereas the 12 is the cereal box height.

What should be the volume of the box?
A regular 10-ounce box has a volume of around 182.743 cubic inches. The level, weight, and length of the cereal packaging can all influence the volume.

Can we change these dimensions?
With the wild card option of customization. You can easily design a box style, design, and size of your desired choice.
However, you can choose the height of the Cereal box according to the size of the shelf where you are going to display your products too.

Final Words

A perfectly fit packaging can enhance the presentation level of your product. Furthermore, it can help in boosting your sales.
We work intimately with our clients to guarantee that their items are packaged safely and effectively. We likewise offer a long list of customization choices to suit your one-of-a-kind requirements. 
So in the event that you're searching for the best packaging for cereal, “Kwick Packaging” is the spot to go.
Moreover, to make sure that you are going in the right direction. You must need an expert opinion. That’s why we are here for you 24/7.