Different Types of Mylar Bags for Your Products Packaging

 2021-08-13 14:31:31


When it comes to preserving cannabis products and their safe transport, no packaging works better than custom mylar bags. They are sturdy, have no punctures, are resistant to penetrating, and above all, are ideal for odor-proofing. And for the most part, it comes in a wide variety of styles to meet your packaging needs. The following are a few different types of mylar bags you can find out in the market.

Sealed Mylar Bags

Sealed Mylar bags are the oldest and most widely used forms of mylar bags. These bags have a medium appearance and usually come in clear or blurry contrasts. What makes them special is the extra texture surface inside. This layer helps with air removal and allows you to create space inside the bags. They will need a vacuum cleaner and sometimes oxygen packs in these bags. However, they provide long-term solutions and have excellent maintenance.

Food Grade Mylar Bags

Custom Food Storage Mylar Bags usually come in a square form and provide safe storage for food items. They have the same method of function and sealing mechanism, but their formation is different. In simple terms, once you have filled in and closed this Mylar bag, you will get an even square or rectangular area at the bottom. Bags are preferred for everyday use, especially those that are difficult to store in containers. You may often see them for packing tea, herbs, and other dried canna products.

Stand-Up Mylar Bags and Pouches

Standing Mylar is not very different from the standard flat button pockets. They have almost the same process of working and use. The only difference that occurs between these bags is the shape of these bags. Dissimilar to bottom square bags, stand-up Mylar bags have unlimited uses. Their base can be manufactured in any shape like round, oval, square, or rectangular.

Child Resistant Mylar Bags

Child-resistant Mylar bags are nothing but an improved design of standard Mylar bags. These bags usually come up with a zip lock, vacuum seal, or many other types of Mylar bags, the only difference that we can observe is the addition of the locking mechanism that makes sure no spills or children have access to the content. The new mechanism of the lock also makes sure that your children will not be able to open Mylar bags.

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