How To Make Your Custom Apparel Boxes Aesthetically Appealing?

 2023-01-24 05:29:00


The clothing industry has grown rapidly, and with this expansion has come fierce competition between manufacturers and retailers. For maximum brand recall, it's crucial to choose packaging that catches the eye. 

Your success or failure in the clothing industry hinges on how well your product is packaged. This packaging not only improves the aesthetics of the goods but also boosts their value. 

From a sales perspective, nothing beats having a great written description of the product at your disposal. The text, together with the packaging's typeface, visuals, and color palette, should all work together to convince consumers to make a purchase.

Creating stylish custom apparel boxes is challenging, yet essential to a brand's success. What you sell and where you sell it might affect the kind and quantity of packaging you need.

                                                 Fashion is a part of our daily life and it changes all the time, with all
                                                 events. And it’s the same for custom apparel boxes. Let’s start to know
                                                        the current trends and fashion of apparel in today’s world!


Trendy Tips To Create Eye-Catching Custom Apparel Boxes

Creating visually beautiful packaging for your brand's clothes may accomplish via a number of different methods. 

This includes methods such as:

  • Understand Your Product Requirements

First, you need to know what you want to accomplish with your product packaging idea before you can begin designing the packaging. This is the most important part of the design process whether launching a new brand or revitalizing an old one. 

Using specialized packaging for clothing streamlines the distribution of products, the creation of a brand identity, and the implementation of a marketing strategy.

Every clothing line has its own standards by which it determines what features and details should prioritize in its own unique packaging. Aesthetics may be more essential than functionality in retail settings, for as when considering the protection of the packaging

For online retailers, this means considering factors like product weight, delivery distance, and other logistics while designing packaging. Your items must be able to deliver to your consumers quickly and securely regardless of the style you pick.

  • Recognize Your Packaging Requirements 

Before beginning creating you can't begin designing the packaging unless you recognize the need for it. In the end, it's your product range that will determine which packaging options are most suitable for your needs. Furthermore, if you're selling jewelry or shoes or anything else that's tiny and light, ordinary boxes are not the way to go.

Customers are more interested in the product's packaging and may choose your brand over the competition if it has more enticing packaging than the competition's. In order to sell a thing, you need to put it out there for people to buy.

  • Provide Information About Product and Brand

If you don't compete, consumers will buy the competition's products. But now the issue arises, what information must include on the apparel’s packaging? The answer is straightforward: dimensions, materials, details about the design, and, most crucially, colors.

Ideally, information regarding the item may be found on the box. The logo should clearly identify the product or service being sold and the target audience, taking into account regional norms and preferences. 

Especially now, in the era of online shopping, this is a major issue of worry. Products often have many layers, including an outside, an inside lining, and the actual component. Depending on the material at hand, certain items may benefit from having more layers than others.

Packaging is an excellent opportunity for brand expression. Therefore, there are more tough design criteria for custom packaging. 

You still have a lot of freedom, but you want it to be consistent with the rest of the branding materials in terms of things like color scheme and typography. 

  • Bring Creativity to Packaging Design

Creative packaging may be bold enough to stand out in a crowded business by using a wide variety of colors on the boxes. To avoid confusing customers, products sold in stores and on the web may pack in reusable, recyclable, and otherwise consistent materials. 

There are no limits to creativity, and those that come up with unique ways to package their products are often lauded. You might obtain ideas for new projects by keeping an eye on what's new on the market. Inspirational ideas for clothing packaging are so readily available these days that even the internet isn't necessary.

Here are some ideas that will help to bring more creativity to your apparel packaging design.

1- Keeping It Simple And Classy 

This method is used by a number of well-known companies when creating clothing packaging. To advertise their company, they just placed their logo and slogan on the custom apparel boxes with logo. The box does not have any unnecessary embellishments like artwork or pictures. It makes the packaging seem classy and refined. 

This strategy may use for the benefit of your company's name!

There is a division of shoppers that will only buy clothes if they come in bright, eye-catching packaging. The packaging may customize with a wide range of color options. 

It will give the box a special flair. Sharp colors on white packaging are a popular approach in the industry. If you use this method, it may help your company grow. You should first learn about your consumers' needs before using this strategy.

2- Vivid And Eye-Catching Colors

Some consumers prefer not to purchase clothing items packaged in plain brown paper bags, and they instead choose those that are brightly colored and otherwise visually stunning. The packaging may customize with a wide range of color options. It will give the box a special flair. Sharp colors on white packaging are a popular approach in the industry. 

If you use this method, it may help your company grow. You should first learn about your consumers' needs before using this strategy.

What Custom Printed Apparel Boxes Are Perfect For Your Clothing Line?

There are different apparel products that have different functions. What makes them different from others? What are they? And what custom boxes do they come in?

Are you ready to know the answer to the following above mentioned questions? 

Let’s start and look below!

1- Lingerie Boxes

Lingerie boxes are a great way for brands to promote their products in a luxurious and attractive way. They can display the product in an eye-catching manner and also provide a sense of security and privacy to the customer. Brands use lingerie boxes to create an exciting unboxing experience for customers. By packaging the product in a stylish and luxurious box, brands can add value to their product and create a unique and memorable experience for customers.

2- Cufflink Boxes

Cufflink boxes provide a convenient way to store and organize cufflinks. They are typically made of high-quality materials that offer protection from dust and scratches, making them a great way to protect an investment in cufflinks and keep them looking their best.

In these boxes, you can easily place your cufflinks in them!

3- Underwear Boxes

Custom underwear boxes are use to safely store and transport underwear and other delicate items. They are design to protect the items from damage during shipping and storing, and also to provide a professional presentation of the product to customers. Additionally, custom underwear boxes can use to create a unique brand identity and elevate the customer's experience.

4- Belt Boxes

By creating attractive custom belt boxes with eye-catching designs and unique features, you can draw attention to your products and create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. You can also use promotional offers and discounts to encourage customers to purchase your belts. 

Additionally, you can also use social media campaigns to reach potential customers and create awareness about your products.

5- Clothes Boxes

Clothes boxes are used to store items of clothing when they are not in use, such as when the weather is too cold or hot to wear certain items. Furthermore, it also helps keep clothing in better condition by protecting them from dust and dirt.

6- Tie Boxes

The main reason why most men wear ties is to make their clothes more fascinating. Neckties are enhancing fashion accessories worn nearby one's neck under a collar. There are other popular accessories you can wear in place of a necktie, but ties are maybe the oldest accessory in men's fashion. To keep them protected, brands and most people use tie boxes!

7- Socks Boxes

Wearing socks keep feet warm and dry. They are also an important part of many people's fashion styles. But how to keep them safe from dust or dirt? You should try socks boxes! In addition, these boxes will help away your socks from dirt. 

8- Condom Boxes

Condom boxes are use to provide people with a discreet way to purchase and store condoms. This can be an effective way of introducing a brand to a wide range of consumers in an affordable and accessible way. In addition, condom boxes can be easily distributed in public places and can contain a variety of branded materials, such as coupons and discount codes, which can help to increase brand awareness.

9- Glove boxes

The glove is an important practice for medical professionals and other workers who are at risk of coming into contact with potentially hazardous substances, as it helps to prevent the spread of germs and other contaminants. To keep your glove protected, make use of glove boxes.

10- Bra Boxes

Bra boxes are a great way to store and organize bras. They provide a dedicated space for bras, helping to keep them organize and easy to access. 

The boxes also often come with dividers to help separate various sizes and styles of bras. Additionally, they often come with lids that help protect the bras from dust.

What Do We Have For You?

Our goal is to make your vision a reality when it comes to printing services for corporate packaging. We accommodate a wide variety of modifications to the boxes we use for shipping as a result. Whatever you need, we can make it, even down to the size and form of custom printed boxes. Moreover, we guarantee that the packaging boxes we supply will meet all of your requirements. As an added bonus, we can print any custom artwork you'd like on your package. 

You may also command one of our designers to produce an original and engaging piece of art just for you.

Widely Used Packaging Materials

Custom apparel boxes wholesale may be made out of a wide variety of materials, such as;

  1. Rigid Packaging 

  2. Cardstock Packaging 

  3. Corrugated Packaging 

  4. Kraft Packaging 

  1. Rigid Packaging

The printing and packaging services of rigid are ideal for fragile products that are easily damage in the hands of consumers. This material is the most durable of those considered, and it can keep the inside contents safe even under extreme conditions. Additionally, the aesthetic value of this packaging material is of the highest order. 

Thus, rely on us if you'd like to add a touch of class to your product's packaging and make a good first impression on potential buyers. Using our efficient packaging printing services, we can do this for you without a delay.

2- Cardstock Packaging

In the retail sector, this type of packaging is among the most common. Although it lacks the rigidity of standard cardboard boxes, it's a good option for products that don't need much protection in transit. As an added bonus, cardstock looks great after being personalized. 

Artwork with multiple colors can print quickly and easily, for instance. In addition, it offers a touch of class to printing and packaging services, which can win over clients and boost credibility. Not only is it cheaper than rigid packaging, but it also protects contents better.

Therefore, the cardstock packaging material is a good option if you are on a tight budget or if you need packaging printing services for a product that does not require a high degree of care. In addition to helping, you keep your customers' trust and their money, this solution will also impress them. Cardstock is a worthwhile option for small apparel items like T-shirts.

3- Corrugated Packaging

It's a sturdy material for shipping goods, too. Used frequently for shipping purposes. Most packaging of this type has three layers: two exterior walls and an interior fluted wall. For both long and short-distance shipments, corrugated cardboard is the ideal packaging material.

Corrugated material can provide the necessary rigidity for your rigid apparel boxes of any size. But the strength of the boxes is affected by the flute that is used. A wide variety of flutes can be found in stores. If you'd like a specific kind of flute, just let them know. 

Additionally, by including flutes and liners, the box's strength can be increased. Because of this, corrugated should be your first choice when selecting a packaging service to aid in shipping.

4- Kraft Packaging 

A lot of people choose this packaging because of its reputation for being good for the environment. The pine wood it's crafted from is the reason for this. 

Thus, it can be broken down naturally over time. Custom printed apparel boxes for food products are frequently made out of kraft paper because it is not suitable for transport. It's easy to personalize and works well with other packaging types, but it doesn't compare in strength. But if you're on a tighter budget, Kraft cardboard boxes are your best bet.

All sorts of designs, sizes, and shapes are possible with kraft boxes. Additional options for customization allow for even more customize products. Therefore, Kraft is an appropriate material to use if you prefer to minimize your impact on the environment.

Famous Printing Options

The following printing options are following;

  • Offset Printing | A Conventional Printing Technique

We, at Kwick Packaging, use offset printing, which is regarded as the gold standard of traditional printing techniques. The superior quality of offset printing, allows us to guarantee you the most dependable printing and packaging firms in the USA. 

In addition to being one of the most eye-catching color models, we utilize it for printing. Consequently, we use a wide range of colors to decorate our branded packaging.

  • Digital Printing| A Trendy Printing Method

Digital printing is a printing technique that uses digital files, such as PDFs or JPEGs, to create custom printed boxes. The process uses digital inkjet or laser printers to directly print onto the surface of the box, allowing for more detailed designs than traditional printing methods.

Then what?

Functional Add-Ons

For your custom packaging boxes, Kwick packaging provides innovative and practical accessories. If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication to your packaging, consider including one of these miniature works of art. We provide a wide variety of options for enhancing your custom printed boxes, such as;

  1. Spot UV

  2. Die-Cut Window

  3. PVC Window Patching

  4. Embossing/Debossing

  5. Foil Stamping

  6. Long-lasting Finishing Coats

To top it all off, our printing services come with a variety of different varnishes. The black apparel boxes will have a sleek, high-quality appearance and feel thanks to them. In addition, some of these latest touches include;

  1. Gloss Finishing 

  2. Matte Finishing 

  3. Varnish Finishing

You can't find better printing and packaging services anywhere else, so contact us today and let us help you create elegant, branded packaging for your business.


We offer a few prototypes to choose from for your custom apparel boxes. The following are;

  1. 2d Flat View

  2. 3d folding Video

  3. Physical Sampling

Get Affordable Packaging Services Now!

Promoting your clothing line with custom packaging is a great idea. Going to Kwick Packaging to get packaging boxes might be useful. Custom boxes from us are very reliable and long-lasting. 

The vibrant colors and designs protect your items from harm while simultaneously driving up sales. Here are some of the ways in which our packaging might help your clothing business:

  • Free Shipping 

  • Free Custom Design 

  • No Die Or Plate Charges 

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