How To Seal Mylar Bags & How To Use Them

 2023-03-03 07:44:41


“Mylar bags protect against moisture, insects, and UV light. These top characteristics are responsible for keeping the food fresh.”

When it comes to preserving the quality and freshness of food for extended periods of time, Mylar bags are often used. They can be sealed tightly with little effort since their construction involves many layers of plastic or foil. 
We'll update you on the best-by dates for several commonly eaten goods, as well as demonstrate how to properly fill vacuum sealed Mylar bags and seal them with heat.

Things You Should Know About How To Seal Mylar Bags 

  • Mark the contents and date of the packaging with a permanent marker, then fill the bag to within 3-4 in (7.6-10.2 cm) of the top with your things.
  • To prevent the contents of the bag from rotting, add an oxygen absorber packaging. Larger bags should include additional oxygen absorbers.
  • Carefully and quickly seal the bag by passing an iron or hair straightener set to medium heat over the top inch or so of the package twice.
  • The mylar bag may also seal using a standard vacuum or impulse sealer by inserting the open end into the device and closing it.  

Step 1:  Label The Bag with A Permanent Marker

Mark the contents of the re-sealable Mylar bags with a permanent marker before you put anything inside. The contents, the date the bag was sealed, and any other pertinent information, such as the ideal purpose of the contents, should be noted. 
Keep your handwriting legible and orderly. The best place to leave a message is on the exterior of the bag, where it may be seen and read afterward.

Step 2:  Stand The Bag On-End And Fill It With Your Items

Keep the smell proof Mylar bags open by propping them up with one hand. 
Next, fill the bag up till it's approximately 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 centimeters) from the top, allowing enough room for the bag to be shut.
  • The bag may be propped up in a bucket for easier filling.
  • Don't mix and match various types of food; doing so might affect the shelf life of everything within the bag.  

Step 3:  Add Oxygen Absorbers According to The Bag’s Size

Oxygen absorbers, typically measure in cubic centimeters and provide with your zip lock Mylar bags. Cover the contents of the bag with as many oxygen absorbers as you think you'll need. Absorbers are like sponges; you can never have enough of them. The most frequent bag sizes, together with the required quantity of oxygen absorbers, are as follows:
  • 0.5 US pt. (240 mL) (240 mL) bag: 50cc
  • 1 US pt. (470 mL) (470 mL) bag: 100cc
  • 1 US pt. (950 mL) (950 mL) bag: 300cc
  • 1 US gal (3.8 L) bag: 500cc
  • 5 US gal (19 L) bag: 1500cc
Foods may preserve by removing oxygen from the air using oxygen absorbers, which are little packets of different compounds (typically enzymes or food-safe chemicals).

Ways To Heat-Seal Mylar Bags

Let’s learn a quick guide on how to seal Mylar bags!

Slide The Tip of a Hot Clothes Iron Across The End Of The Bag

Put the bag on an ironing board on its side and use your free hand to press out as much air as possible. Let your iron preheat for approximately 5 minutes on medium-high heat. 
After heating the iron, swiftly and gently pass the tip of the iron over the top inch and a half of the bag once. The bag may seal with a simple touch in only a few seconds.
See whether the bag deflates when gently squeezed. If that's the case, give the bag's opening another pass with the iron to make sure it's completely sealed.

Clamp A Hot Hair Straightener Across the End of the Bag

Turn on the hair iron and let it five minutes to heat up. 
Hold the sack upright with one hand. Next, keeping your fingers safe, clamp the iron on one corner of the zipper Mylar bag opening, overhanging the edge by approximately 1 in (2.5 cm). The bag may seal by quickly and gently sliding the iron down its length. 
  • Give the hair straightener a few more slides if the seal doesn't form on the initial try.
  • Instead of sliding the iron over the open end of a smaller bag, just clamp it there for 1-2 seconds to close it.
Insert The Bag Into A Vacuum Or Impulse Sealer

You may also use a vacuum sealer (like a Food Saver) to close a Mylar bag. Nevertheless, the "vacuum" feature won't operate since there are no air passages in the Mylar bag. Nonetheless, you should cautiously insert the Mylar bag into the sealer's opening approximately 1 in (2.5 cm). After that, use the sealer as directed in the handbook or online.
  • One alternative is to close one side of the bag first, press out any surplus air, and then seal the opposite side of the bag with an overlap of approximately 1 in (2.5 cm).
  • Make sure the sealer's air pump and vacuum are turned off, or use the "seal" feature if it has one.  

Keep Your Mylar Bags in A Plastic Bucket or On a Cold Shelf

You should let the oxygen absorbers 6-12 hours to perform their job. Afterward, store the sealed Mylar bag in an air-conditioned or dry location. Keep them in a big plastic bucket or storage container if you must take them along on a journey, such as a camping trip.
Always use the conventional expiry date for storing butter, moist foods, or greasy grains.

There are a lot of applications for Mylar bags, but sadly, no amount of vacuum sealing or oxygen absorbers can keep fatty or watery meals. When individuals attempt to preserve grains, they often make the error of doing so with milled or oily varieties (whole wheat flour, cereal, granola, cornmeal, nuts, brown rice, sesame, or flax seeds). Even if the food is stored in an airtight bag, the moisture contained inside them might cause spoilage.
Products may be kept in Mylar bags until the expiry date is reached, however, the Mylar bag will not prolong the shelf life of the product within. Keep away from canned goods, fast bread, petroleum jelly, eggs, and tinned seafood such as tuna.

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In conclusion, Mylar bags are an excellent choice for long-term food storage, providing an airtight and moisture-proof barrier to keep your food fresh and protected. Knowing how to seal Mylar bags properly is crucial to ensure that the bags remain effective in preserving your food items. With the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can confidently seal and use Mylar bags for food storage needs. Whether you're prepping for an emergency situation, storing bulk purchases, or packing snacks for your next camping trip, Mylar bags can help you keep your food fresh and delicious for longer periods. So, give them a try and experience the benefits for yourself!