Which Color Model is Used in Printed Designs?

 2023-03-13 06:11:57


Packaging is a big domain. Every factor plays a vital role in the production of a matchless solution. However, the packaging is a combination of different elements:

  • Text
  • Colors
  • Stock
  • Box style
All of the above 4 mentioned factors altogether collectively craft a most presentable packaging option. Each element has its particular specifications and value. That’s why you can’t ignore any of them.

Impact of Colors

Colors have their particular value. They help in developing a long-lasting impression on the onlookers. Bright colors can excite customers whereas dull and light colors can make them bored. Similarly, you can choose the colors as per the type of your targeted audience. For example, kids’ products are packed in bright and sharp colors.

Ladies love bold and glamorous packaging, so you can choose the packaging styles accordingly. It is a practical approach if you choose the design of your product box as per your customer’s choice. However, there are two famous color models in printing designs. One is CMYK and the other is RGB. Both can be used for high-quality printing on packaging boxes. Each of them has its specific traits and own specification.

Four Basic Colors for Printing - CMYK

The four-color printing is the most popular printing option. CMYK. This famous printing pattern is a combination of four basic colors:
  • C: Cyan.
  • M: Magenta.
  • Y: Yellow.
  • K: Key/black.
All color of this printing pattern is made with the combination of these basic colors only. Customize boxes with modern Packaging printing trends can look more attractive and fascinating for the onlookers.

Where you can Use a 4-color Printing Pattern?

Whenever you need physically printed stuff instead of digital. This color model can generate accurate results for you. Moreover, CMYK is utilized for any planned project that gets truly printed rather than seen on a screen. Thus, in the event that you want to reproduce the plan you see on screen with ink, the CMYK variety model will give you more precise outcomes. However, to get accurate colors this color pattern is used for flyers, broachers, business cards, packaging printed designs, books, etc.

Furthermore, these can also use to print on T-shirts, cups, tots and apparel, etc.

Three-color Pattern- RGB

As CMYK is a four-color pattern, similarly RGB is based on three basic colors.
  • R: Red
  • G: Green
  • B: Blue
Artwork made with this color pattern is based on these 3 color combinations. You have to mix only these basic colors with different intensities to generate a fourth new color. Different aspects like hues, saturations, and different color shading can be controlled by reducing or increasing the intensity of basic colors. The main thing in this process is that you know well how to play with colors with perfection, to create impressive customize packaging.

Where you can Use a 3-color Printing Pattern?

RGB is most suitable and appropriate when you have to generate any image on screen only. These color patterns are quite suitable for digital use only. For example: while designing web content, online social sites, logos, digital ads, graphics, and banners of your website, etc. However, RGB can create effective and impressive artwork for screens. RGB is one of the computer-understandable languages. You can use these color patterns for designing different apps for mobiles and computers too.


Here is a quick review of both color patterns. Take a look at this table and you will be able to do a fast comparison between both of the color models.
Colors Cyan, magenta, yellow, black Red, green, blue
Mixing Approach Subtractive mixing Additive mixing
Target Color Mix to create a Black Mix to create white
Total Combination Possible 16 thousand 16.7 millions
File size Bigger size Small file size

After reading this you will be able to differentiate between RGB and CMYK color models. Although, both color models have their specific value and importance. But unfortunately, the PNG file type does not support the CMYK color patterns. However, you need to be worried about that because you can convert the file type and color pattern easily as per your choice and product demand.

Furthermore, if your packaging brand or packaging experts asked that they only receive artwork in RGB then its means that you have to provide your file in these color patterns. This will help you in getting the exact colors of your choice. Perfect and similar results can be produced only when a similar color pattern is followed on both ends.

Some Add-on Options Offered by Us

Besides these color scheming, we also offered different add-on options that May help you in creating the most stunning and appealing packaging solutions.

However, some of them are listed here:

Embossing and Debossing

This is one of the most famous add-on options. However, it can be used to add a 3-D effect to your package. Embossing and debossing are vice Versa of each other. One is engraved inside the surface while the other is outward. However, you can feel both of them by sliding your fingers on the surface.

Spot UV

This technique can add shine to that specific areas. Spot UV for printing is an effective approach to highlight a special portion on the packaging boxes. For instance, you can make your brand name, logo, or product name more vibrant with this shiny coating.

Aqueous coating

Another type of coating is popular due to its soft and glazy finish. Aqueous coating is a water-based, harmless to the ecosystem covering that dries rapidly when applied to printed materials.

Soft-touch coating

The addition of this coating can change the feel of the surface. However, as it is clear from its name that Soft-touch coating can add a silky and soft touch to the box. Your package becomes classier and more presentable if you choose this premium-quality coating for your packaging boxes.

Summing Up

Prior knowledge about the add-on and color patterns is an essential part of customization.  You can get assistance regarding this niche from any packaging experts and professional designers. Furthermore, you can contact us today for a free quote. We guide you and assist you properly with the perfect color and add-on requirements for your customized product boxes.