1-2 -3 bottom style box is one of the specialty of the KWICK PACKAGING. The top boxes can have a variety of tops. For example, the box can be customized to be the same as the Regular Slotted Container, a separate cover top, a tuck top, or a locking cover. What makes it different, from most boxes?

Due to its most secure bottom these boxes are normally use to transfer heavier things. To set up, you just fold the largest bottom panel first, then the two end panels. When the last bottom panel is folded up and pressure is applied near the centre, and your base is ready.

This is best option for small volume shippers who do not have automatic set-up equipment.

Normal uses of 1-2-3 bottom style box are

  • Quick box
  • Common Uses
  • File Boxes
  • Light Weight Storage
  • Light Shipping Containers

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