These boxes are very easy to assemble, their simple design allows them to dismantle into a flat tray which makes them easy and convenient to ship and transport. The assembling of the box is as easy as one two three and requires no technical knowledge or professional assistance. These boxes come with built in support cushions for the cakes which do not allow the product packaged inside of them to move about freely and thus get damaged.

Many cake businesses owners have realized the important role packaging plays in business growth. That is why the demand for the four corner cake box is increasing every now and then. In addition to using your own creativity and skills to beautify that cake product, packaging box can also add value to the product. At KWICK PACKAGING, every packaging box we create is exceptional because we love to go the extra mile for all our esteemed clients. Our custom four corner cake boxes are in a class of its own. It will surely add more value to your mouth-watering cake product.