Hexagon boxes are all about their 6 sides that are equal in length with all the difference in sizes being contributed by the depth of the packaging box or the shared length of each of its sides. The KWICK PACKAGING provides these custom boxes in very accurate die-cut finishes that don’t leave any rough corners or misplaced sides at all making them very stable on retail store shelves and in storage making the very attractive and eye-pleasing for your customers boosting the sales of your products for their entire shelf lives as well.

The KWICK PACKAGING manufacture our hexagon packaging boxes in a way that they are the delivered in the flat un-assembled state that is the easiest to be shaped up in their fully finished form when required. Our delivered hexagon boxes much like the very popular Bookend boxes have unique cutting patterns that allow the bottom to be without any joints or seals in it and the tuck flaps for the top side allows it to be closed just as easily as well. This enables them to be very storage and shipping friendly where many can be delivered in shape of bundles that can be put in shape whenever required.