Straight tuck end boxes consists on tuck end closures on both ends. Can be used for variety of products. Simple to assemble and are much more time saving.

This packaging box is designed with premium technology and techniques by our packaging specialists to divert the attention of potential buyers. You can have your company logo printed on this unique folding carton styles boxes to help with brand recognition

Die cut window is possible on the front side of the box for the product visibility, die cut implies a positive edge on the product.  The boxes can be produced with customized sizes as per request.

Straight tuck end packaging boxes are ideal for the packaging of products that demand a basic display panel with a relatively large in size window panel.

KWICK PACKAGING provides you several options for the development of your business, no doubt when product is packed gracefully and with stylish graphics it become the centre of viewer eye, we work according to your demand.

Straight tuck end boxes are normally and commonly daily routine product which we utilize in different ways. We design eco-friendly and cost effective product according to your pocket. We are here for you.