Different Types & Styles Of Custom Rigid Boxes

 2023-10-26 10:04:51


Brands searching to give their items a sophisticated appearance are now prioritizing rigid packaging. Because of their robust look, Rigid boxes are often recognized as set-up boxes. Because of its exquisite presentation and well-made finish, this kind of packaging exudes luxury. In addition, because they offer the goods such great support, stiff boxes are not flexible or foldable. High-end items are the main use for them. Let's begin with the concept's definition to comprehend its manufacture, kinds, and style.

6 Popular Styles of Custom Rigid Boxes

There is a huge variety of popular styles of custom rigid boxes accessible in the economical market, some of which are given below. Let’s dive in now.

Magnetic closure boxes
Collapsible boxes
Telescopic lid box
Hinged lid box
Bok style box
Drawer style box

Magnetic Closure Boxes

A magnetic closing box is a kind of rigid box that has two magnets inside its structure and has an appealing appearance. Their top is opulent. To protect its contents, the packaging box closes with a snap sound. These are sturdy, well-built crates. Unboxing the parcel is an astonishing experience.

Collapsible Box

One kind of set-up box that functions a little bit differently is the collapsible box. These custom boxes fold up and can be put together as required. It's easy to store these. Additionally, shipping is simpler, which benefits both customers and sellers.

Telescopic Lid Box

The base and the lid comprise the two structural components of the telescoping lid box. Sliding over the major base, the lid shuts the box and eventually gives the impression of being telescopic. This is a fantastic packaging idea that gives the contents of the custom box both security and style. To ensure a tight fit and closure of the rigid vape boxes, the base is usually bigger than the lid.

Hinged Lid Box

A hinged lid box is a particular kind of box where the top is kept firmly in place by a hinge relative to the box base. This maintains the box's smooth opening and shutting mechanism and gives it a very elegant function. They are typically used in packaging for high-end goods.

Book Style Box

To protect the luxury contents within the container, the book-style box really opens and shuts like a book. When closed, it assumes the form of a rigid book cover. Rigid packaging of this type is typically utilized for high-end apparel and food items.

Drawer Style Box

Matchbox shapes are very similar to those of the drawer-style boxes. A hole or a connected ribbon is used to draw the custom box out of the fit. These are not particularly effective in their vertical shapes, but they are safe in their horizontal placements.

Some Common Types Of Rigid Boxes

There are two common but popular categories of rigid boxes. To name a few are:

Partial finish
Full finish

Partial Finish

The stiff box that contains the partially finished chipboard wrapping is refer to as the partial finish. This particular variety has the custom paper wrap just around the box's exterior—it is not within the container. This is done to complete the package faster and with fewer raw materials, which lowers the rate of production in the end. Between the box's folds, the chipboard was visible in its original state. In certain instances, regular or kraft paper is use to wrap the chipboard.

Full Finish

A full-finish rigid packaging box is a container style that completely encloses the chipboard, allowing no space for the interior sides to show. The chipboard's thick sections are divided based on the box's measurements and then given a stunning finish. For brands that demand luxury, lamination in custom rigid boxes can increase their appeal to prospective buyers.

By Summarizing The Above Discussion

Even though custom rigid boxes are robust, secure, and opulent, the sort of product being packaged greatly influences the design and type of packaging that is used. This packaging works well with pricey goods. Customers can utilize the reusable setup boxes for several different uses. Your product gains value from this packaging, which also improves brand awareness. They provide customers with the impression that they are opening a personalised gift box, which not only makes them happy but also makes their lives more satisfying.

Rigid boxes, on the other hand, are ideal for small to medium-size items; but, as the size rises, they become less desirable. The hefty production expenses of these boxes put businesses that are trying to establish themselves out of reach. Rigid box manufacturing also requires a longer production time than alternative product packaging methods.

Once you've decided on the ideal packaging strategy for your goods, contact Kwick Packaging since we expect nothing less than the best for your high-quality goods.