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Kwick Packaging Provides you the high-quality custom packaging solutions with personalize printed boxes, which requied and matches your industry and according to your product specific requirment.

Here we present our high-quality Apparel Boxes. It offers a perfect way to store and protect your clothing! We use premium materials to give your boxes a dazzling look. The modern design will enhance any room in your home. They are perfect for storing seasonal clothing and keeping your favorite outfits safe from dust and damage. We let you choose the perfect fit for your clothing collection with a variety of sizes available. You can fold and stack for easy storage.

Don't settle for boring and flimsy storage solutions when Kwick Packaging is offering innovation. We bet that our high-quality customized apparel boxes will take your closet organization to a whole new level. Place your order now and rest easy knowing you will get the finest solution at affordable rates.

What Are Custom Apparel Boxes? 

Our Custom Printed Apparel Boxes are the ultimate storage solution for fashion-forward brands. These boxes are not just for storage, they are a stylish addition to any closet. Made from premium materials, our boxes feature a sleek and minimalist design. These stylish boxes can complement any decor or design aesthetics. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to organized and protected clothing. We offer a variety of sizes to facilitate you with the best we can. It will help you to find the perfect fit for all your apparel. Stackable, stylish, and durable, these boxes are built to last. It can be an asset to any apparel brand to boost its sales. 

Premium Apparel Boxes Are A must-have for High-End Brands

Our Custom Apparel Boxes with logo are a must-have for all leading brands. Not only do they protect clothing during transportation and storage. Also, they serve as a marketing tool. It’s no secret that brands can create a strong first impression and increase brand recognition. Aloof this just by using high-quality, visually appealing boxes. It also helps to create a sense of luxury and exclusivity for customers. That can lead to an increase in sales in the quickest time possible. Additionally, apparel boxes can be customized with branding and messaging, making them a valuable asset for any brand looking to increase its visibility and sales.

Top Packaging Products To Look Out For In 2023

A new year is about to start and another one is about to end! For 2023, we will explore and read about different packaging products that are now ruling the world!

Lingerie Boxes

One of the components of women's apparel that are delicate and susceptible to harm is lingerie. Therefore, they need packaging options that are both safe and appealing. In this sense, specially created luxury Lingerie Boxes are the ideal answer for these businesses. 

Cufflink Boxes

Custom Cufflink Boxes are no less than a bliss for these men's jewelry products. Their greatest advantage is in their ability to protect, even though they improve the products' appearance. If they are produced skillfully, you can instantly see the magic in your sales.

Underwear Boxes

Custom Underwear Boxes are specially designed boxes that are tailored to the shape, size, and branding of a particular product. These boxes are often used to package and promote underwear.  They also make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, as they are usually printed with the product name, price, and other information.

Belt Boxes

Custom Belt Boxes offer brands an attractive packaging solution that is eye-catching and unique. They can be printed with logos, designs, and other branding elements that help to differentiate the product from competitors. Additionally, belt boxes are usually made from high-quality materials that provide protection for the belts and ensure that the product arrives safely to the customer.

Clothes Boxes

Clothes Boxes are used to package clothes like shirts, ties, and other goods. These packaging boxes come in a wide range of variations. Furthermore, these boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the product’s type.

Tie Boxes

Custom Tie Boxes are boxes designed specifically to hold ties, usually for storage and display purposes. These boxes can be customized with different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the customer's needs. They are often decorated with logos or images to make them more aesthetically pleasing, creating an eye-catching way to store and showcase ties.

Socks Boxes

Does the impact of the packaging for socks truly have an impact on sales growth? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Only buying value-added products is a smart move for consumers. To make your socks stand out amid the competition, you must add a customized, stylish packaging box. Additionally, maintaining a professional appearance helps to win back devoted clients and boosts customer satisfaction.

Condom Boxes

Condom boxes can provide businesses with an attractive way to display and market their products while ensuring that condoms remain safe, secure, and protected during transport.

Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes are enclosed chambers designed to provide a controlled environment for working with hazardous materials. They are sealed to prevent contamination from the outside and are equipped with gloves built into the chamber walls, allowing the user to work inside without exposing the contents to the outside environment.

Bra Boxes

Custom Bra Boxes are specially designed boxes that are used to store and organize bras. They typically come with multiple compartments and can be personalized with different colors and details. The boxes are designed to help keep bras in good condition and organized, making it easier to find the right one when needed.

Material Choices for Apparel Boxes

We offer a variety of material choices for our custom apparel boxes wholesale. It includes sturdy cardboard, durable corrugated material, and eco-friendly Kraft paper. Our boxes are also available in different sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different weights of clothing. All our materials are high-quality and designed to keep your apparel safe and protected while looking stylish and sleek. Get the right option for you with any of the following selections:
  • Rigid Apparel Boxes
  • Kraft Apparel Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes

Add-on Choices for Custom Apparel Boxes

Add-ons are essential for packaging as they add an extra layer of protection and branding to the package. They also make the unboxing experience more memorable for customers. Popular add-on choices for Apparel Boxes include custom brandings such as logo and messaging, custom tissue paper, ribbon, and stickers.

You can also add foam inserts for added protection, and a thank you card. A discount coupon will be an added bonus for customers. That was all for inside. What about exterior packaging? Whether you need white apparel boxes or want black apparel boxes, our add-ons will add elegance to those premium packages. Choose your favorite quickly:
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Hot Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Finishing Choices for Wholesale Apparel Boxes

Finishing choices for apparel boxes wholesale include a wide range. It consists of gloss and matte lamination, spot UV, gold or silver foiling, and embossing or debossing. These options add a professional and high-end touch to the boxes and also increase the durability of the boxes. These options also make the boxes more visually appealing and can help the boxes stand out from the competition. We can make any of the following boxes worth selling with our premium finishing range:
  • Christmas Apparel Boxes
  • Custom Luxury Apparel Boxes
  • Two Piece Apparel Boxes

Printing Options

Printing is needed for Custom Packaging Boxes. As it allows for the creation of unique and visually appealing designs. It helps to promote a product or brand. Additionally, printing can be used to add important information such as product details, instructions, and contact information to the packaging.

Prototyping We Offer

We offer prototyping to allow customers to test and preview the design and functionality. It lets you get the idea of a packaging solution before committing to a full production run. This allows for any necessary adjustments to be made before the final product is created. All resulting in a more satisfactory outcome for the customer.

Why is Kwick Packaging The Best Packaging Supplier?

Kwick Packaging has a team of experienced designers and engineers who work closely with our clients to create custom apparel boxes in bulk solutions. We ensure that your custom boxes are tailored to their specific needs. We also offer prototyping services, which allow you to see a physical representation of your packaging before it goes into full production. We pride ourselves on our wholesale apparel boxes with:
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Competitive Prices
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Exceptional Customer Service