How Much Does It Cost To Make A Cardboard Box?

 2023-03-02 08:35:50


Cost estimation is a vital step of every business. When you are concerned about the secure presentation of your product. You look for a packaging solution.

The first step is brainstorming. In this process, you design an image of your product’s box in your mind. After that, you start working on it to convert your imaginary design into a real tangible box.

A variety of stocks, advanced printing methods, and customized box styles all these factors collectively formed a matchless solution for trade. While designing an impressive and matchless solution. There is a Key factor, that must be kept in mind. And that’s is production cost.

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Why are Cardboard Boxes So Expensive?

Rising costs of raw materials 

The main component of cardboard boxes is corrugated fiberboard, which is made from wood pulp and recycled paper. The main reason prices of these raw materials have been steadily increasing due to supply chain disruptions, increased global demand, and environmental regulations.

Supply chain challenges 

Disruptions in the global supply chain, such as port congestion and component shortages, have made it more difficult for cardboard box makers to access the materials they need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

So in summary, the combination of rising input costs, transportation expenses, labor challenges, supply chain issues, and sustainability requirements have all contributed to making cardboard boxes a more costly packaging material in recent years. These increased costs ultimately get passed on to consumers and businesses that rely on cardboard boxes.

Variation In Different Packaging Brands

There are a lot of brands available in the market. Which offers various box styles at different packaging costs. For instance, you are looking for a tuck-end cardboard box. The first thing you will do is, contact some famous suppliers in your town and get their quotes.

However, the selection of an affordable cardboard Box is based on the quote that one of them is offering. Every company has its specific set of components like labor costs, designer costs, color costs, tools, prototyping, shipping, storage, and many more. Although, the cost of the single unit is calculated by summing up all these factors.

Because these factors vary from brand to brand. That’s why you will experience multiple quotes with little difference from multiple suppliers.
Now it’s up to you which brand you prefer for your customized solutions.

Cost Varies As Per The Type of Stock

As you know different kinds of materials can be used for the production of packaging boxes. However, you will find three basic types of packaging styles.
  • Folding cartons (cardboard and Kraft boxes)
  • Rigid or setup boxes
  • Corrugated or shipping boxes

You will find that folding cartons are the least expensive option as compared to the others. Whereas rigid boxes are the most expensive ones.
However, a custom box costs around or less than $1 if you choose a folding carton. But the cost will be double or more if you choose corrugated boxes i.e. $2- $3 per unit.

Similarly, in the case of rigid boxes which are double corrugated boxes, it will be around $4- $5 per unit. Furthermore, this price is roughly estimated. The prices may vary according to the printing type and artwork.

Estimated Cost According To Printing Methodology

The perfect analysis of custom box cost is when you have actual knowledge of design and production costs. There are multiple types of printing methods available in the market.

For example, digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing. The cost of every method varies according to color combinations and artwork.
However, digital printing is the most effective and most common printing methodology. So let’s suppose that is what will be the customized packaging cost.

The cost of 1-100 units of printed cardboard will be around $380 to $480. Furthermore, the price per unit will decrease if you increase the number of units. The price of 10,000 units will be around $0.28 – $0.49.  However, there is a big difference. But this is a fact. More boxes are inversely proportional to the cost per unit.

Effect Of Shipping Distance On Your Cost

This is another most effective factor of product’s cost. The shipping cost of courier services frequently changes. However, it is because of petrol prices, traveling and labor costs.

Furthermore, courier services offer different prices for various routes and distances. This cost affects the total cost of the packaging solution.
Other than the number of varieties printed, materials, volume, and size of your bundling, another central point that influences the unit cost is the size of the machines.

Small machines required small quantities, less color, and less maintenance. Whereas, big machines need more expensive maintenance.

Summing Up

It feels that customized solutions cost double. From the beginning, it could seem like custom boxes are excessively costly for your financial plan. In any case, if you mess with your custom choices and needs, you can find a custom box arrangement that will work for you.

As your business develops and your requirements change, you can continuously renovate and brighten up your custom boxes to mirror that. Get a Free Quote Now!