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Packaging bags are the easiest and most convenient way to deliver all those products that are sensitive to heat, moisture, and light. We are offering premium quality packaging for Kartom. The Kratom Powder Bags made with premium Mylar stock can keep them safe from moisture and heat effects. Furthermore, it will be more secure for you if you choose a re-sealing closer option on these bags. We offer these Kratom Bags in different shapes, sizes, and design patterns. It will be a secure option for you if you choose these bags for business and delivery of these powders.

An alluring-looking Kratom powder Mylar bag can make your product more fascinating and tempting for customers. Flourish your business with these premium quality Kratom Mylar bags. Because we offer these bags in the amazing price range. Get these Kratom bags wholesale as per your budget plan. We assist you in converting your imagination into reality and help your brand to grow in the highly competitive retail industry.

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10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


No Printing, CMYK, CMYK + 1 PMS color, CMYK + 2 PMS colors


Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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Die Cutting, Gluing, Scored,Perforation

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Eco-Friendly, Recycled Boxes, Biodegradable


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Kratom Powder Bags | 75 Count Kratom Capsule Bags | 165 Count Kratom Capsule Bags | 1500 Count Kratom Capsule Bags

Kratom bags are often bags or pouches containing Kratom powder or pills. Kratom is a Southeast Asian tropical tree whose leaves have been used for generations as a traditional medicine to help with pain alleviation, vitality, and mood enhancement.

Pack Your Kratom Powder in Mylar Bags

Mylar is perfect because of its durable and sustainable nature. Kwick Packaging offers these premium packaging options at reasonable rates. Kratom Mylar bags are a form of packaging material that is used to store and ship Kratom items. Mylar is the brand name for a form of polyester film that is widely used in food packaging, including the storage of Kratom leaf powder and capsules.

However, Kratom bags have a number of advantages over other forms of packing materials. Mylar is an airtight and moisture-resistant material that aids in keeping Kratom fresh and effective. Moreover, it also acts as a barrier against air, light, and odors, all of which can degrade Kratom quality over time.

Avail of Kratom Powder Bags in Different Sizes

There are many brands that are dealing in this domain. Everyone has specific requirements and specifications. We offered these bags in multiple sizes to fulfill the customer’s needs. Kratom bags are available in a variety of sizes to handle varying amounts of Kratom powder or capsules. Here are some common Kratom bag sizes:
  • Small Kratom Bags

These Bags are usually 1-2 inches wide and 2-4 inches long. Individual doses of Kratom powder or a small number of Kratom capsules are frequently packaged in them. Kratom powder 100-gram bags are made in these dimensions. Because this size is an ideal size for small-size packaging bags.
  • Medium Kratom Bags

Medium bags are typically 3-4 inches broad and 5-6 inches long. They can hold several doses of Kratom powder or a moderate number of capsules. Kratom powder 250-gram bags are also known as medium-size bags. However, it is an economical packaging option. That’s why this size is more appreciated. And there is more demand for this bag because they are neither too big nor too small.
  • Large Kratom Bags

These bags are usually 4-6 inches broad and 8-12 inches long. They are popular for bulk purchases because they are ideal for storing larger quantities of Kratom powder or capsules. This size option is appropriate for the Kratom powder 500-gram bags. Furthermore, you can do further modifications too. You can add handles, re-sealing tapes, zip locks, etc.
  • Extra-Large Bags

They are commonly used by wholesalers or vendors who need to package and transport large amounts of Kratom. They are typically 6-8 inches wide and 12-16 inches long. However, these big bags are perfect for packaging in bulk. Kratom Powder kilo bags are designed to deliver these powders in massive quantities.

The experts and professionals help you in getting the appropriate bag size.  Although, with customization, you are able to stand apart from the rest of the competitor brands. But it is critical to select a Kratom bag size that is suited for your needs. Overfilling a bag might cause damage or tearing, while underfilling a bag can leave excess air, causing Kratom to decay faster.

Craft your Bags According to your Specifications

We offered multiple customization options for these bags. Numerous embellishments and coatings are offered to present these bags in an impressive and eye-appealing manner. However, you can get these bags according to the number of capsules. Like 165-count Kratom capsule bags, 75-count Kratom capsule bags, and 1500-count Kratom capsule bags.

The selection of an appropriate bag makes sure that your capsules remain safe inside the bags as well as they will maintain their shape and formation too. Besides this, you can choose the closest option. You can pick a zip lock or pinch lock option for 1500-count capsules. A perfectly sealed packaging bag will be an ideal option for bulk quantities.

We Offer Some Embellishments for CBD Kratom Powder Bags

Some Kratom bags contain add-ons or additional features that aid in the storage and transportation of Kratom items. Here are a couple of such examples:

Zip Lock Seal

Some Kratom bags include a zip lock seal, which provides an airtight sealing that aids in the preservation of fresh and strong Kratom. The seal may be opened and closed several times, making it simple to access the Kratom while preserving its quality.

Resalable Closure

A resealable closure is one that can be opened and closed several times. It's comparable to a zip lock seal, but it could have a different closing mechanism, like a sliding bar or a press-to-close seal.

Foil lining

Kratom bags with a foil lining offer an additional layer of protection from moisture, light, and air. The foil functions as a barrier, keeping the Kratom fresh and potent.

Stand-up design

Stand-up Kratom bags have a flat bottom that allows the bag to stand upright. This design is useful for storing and distributing Kratom since it prevents spills and allows quick access to the contents.


Some CBD Kratom bags may have labeling or printing that contains information on the strain, dosage, and other pertinent details. However, this can be useful for users who want to keep track of their Kratom usage or make sure they're using the proper strain and dosage.

Get The Benefit of Our Effective Packaging Services

We offered high-quality Kratom Tea Powder Bags in an amazing price range. Our effective packaging service makes sure that you get the finest Mylar collection at your doorstep. The stunning appearance of your trading item can convince potential buyers as well as make your product a trademark in the retail market.

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